Bay Kolpos Geras on Map 

Bay Kolpos Geras on Map

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Main information about Bay Kolpos Geras

Bay Kolpos Geras, , Greece. GPS coordinates: 39.0885, 26.48632.
Time zone: Europe/Athens. Bay Kolpos Geras on such kinds of maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Wikimapia, HotelsMap. or for traveling near lakes: Ormos Lagkadas, Ormos Makrys Gialos, Ormos Mystegnon, Kolpos Geras, Ormos Loutra Thermis, Ormos Pamfylla, Ormos Panagiouda, Limenas Plomariou, Voreios Limenas Mytilinis, Notios Limenas Mytilinis; or for climbing on: Nisos Lesvos, Vrachonisida Arkoudi, Vrachonisida Prassologos, Vrachonisida Mavri Plakouda, Nisida Tsoukalas, Nisida Asproniso, Nisida Barmpalias, Nisida Panagia, Vrachonisida Kydonas, Vrachonisida Thermi, Nisida Agios Isideros, Vrachonisida Bogias, Vrachonisida Vromonisi, Vrachonisida Pamfyllon, Vrachonisida Profylaki, Vrachonisida Chaviaropetra, Vrachonisida Mikri Chaviaropetra, Nisides Tomaria, Vrachonisides Mersinia, Akra Agios Pavlos, Akra Kakovouno, Akra Potamos, Akra Merichas, Akra Tomari, Akra Kopela, Akra Smyrnios, Akra Mersinia, Akra Petras, Akra Dexio, Akra Aristero, Akra Karampasis, Akra Valvi, Akra Kavourolimni, Akra Exo, Akra Lena; the nearest hotels: Ormos Ayiasou, Mytilene Port, Lesvos Port;

Other names: Kólpos Géras, Gulf of Yera, Gulf of Yéra, Iero Gulf of, Kolpos Geras, Kolpos Giera, Kolpos Ieras Evripos, Kolpos Olivieri, Kolpos Yeras, Kólpos Giéra, Kólpos Géras, Kólpos Ierás Évripos, Kólpos Oliviéri, Kólpos Yéras, Ormos Yera, Port Hiero, Port Iero, Órmos Yéra.

12 day Weather Forecast - Bay Kolpos Geras

THU 25.04

1,023 hPa
FRI 26.04

1,020 hPa
SAT 27.04

1,015 hPa
SUN 28.04

1,012 hPa
MON 29.04

1,014 hPa
TUE 30.04

1,011 hPa
WED 1.05

1,010 hPa
THU 2.05

1,011 hPa
FRI 3.05

1,017 hPa
SAT 4.05

1,016 hPa
SUN 5.05

1,011 hPa
MON 6.05

1,009 hPa

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The nearest ports: Ormos Ayiasou, Mytilene Port, Lesvos Port, and others.

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