Island Nisida Agios Artemios on Map 

Island Nisida Agios Artemios on Map

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Main information about Island Nisida Agios Artemios

Island Nisida Agios Artemios, , Greece. Elevation -9999 m. (Digital elevation model) . GPS coordinates: 37.13222, 25.22861.
Time zone: Europe/Athens. Island Nisida Agios Artemios on such kinds of maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Wikimapia, HotelsMap. Usefull for tourist rout near cities and villages: Orkos bay, Livadia Beach, Aghios Prokopios beach, Aghia Anna beach, Maragkas beach, Mikri Vigla - North bay (Parthena), Plaka beach, Mikri Vigla -Southern bay (Limanaki), Paralia Agios Georgios, Grotta beach, Kastraki beach, Aliko beach, Pyrgaki, Agiassos beach, Amitis beach; or for traveling near lakes: Ormos Livadhi, Ormos Dhespotiko, Ormos Ayios Sostis, Ormos Paranges, Ormos Plastira, Ormos Naousis, Ormos Tsipidho, Ormos Marmara, Ormos Filizi, Ormos Prokopi, Ormos Naxou, Ormos Paroikias; or for climbing on: Nisida Strongylo, Nisida Despotiko, Nisida Tsimintiri, Nisos Antiparos, Vrachonisida Xifios, Vrachonisida Petalida, Vrachonisida Agios Antonios, Nisida Diplo, Vrachonisida Kokkinos Tourlos, Nisida Kavouras, Nisida Magrines, Vrachonisida Mavros Tourlos, Nisida Remmatonisi, Nisida Salagko, Nisida Tourlos, Vrachonisida Kampana, Vrachonisida Preza, Nisida Glaropounta, Vrachonisida Tigani, Nisida Pantieronisi, Vrachonisida Peponas, Vrachonisida Petrokaravo, Vrachonisida Loumpinas, Nisos Paros, Vrachonisida Detis, Nisida Agia Kali, Nisida Agios Artemios, Nisida Trionisi, Vrachonisida Galiatsos, Vrachonisida Mavronisi, Vrachonisida Makronisos, Vrachonisida Prasonisi, Nisida Oikonomou, Nisida Gaidouronisi, Erimos, Vrachonisida Kteni, Nisida Filizi, Vrachonisida Fonisses, Kournonisi, Nisida Ovriokastro, Nisida Manto, Nisida Apollonos, Vrachonisida Mavros Vrachos, Nisides Agiou Spyridonos, Nisides Pantieronisia, Cyclades, Vrachonisides Tourlites, Akra Koutsouras, Akra Glifo, Akra Makria, Akra Mirona, Akra Maistros, Akra Mavros; the nearest hotels: Paros Port, Naxos Port;

Other names: Nisída Ágios Artémios, Ayios Artemios, Nisida Agios Artemios, Nisída Ágios Artémios, Saint Artemios Island, Áyios Artémios.

12 day Weather Forecast - Island Nisida Agios Artemios

THU 28.10

1,019 hPa
FRI 29.10

1,018 hPa
SAT 30.10

1,018 hPa
SUN 31.10

1,020 hPa
MON 1.11

1,019 hPa
TUE 2.11

1,014 hPa
WED 3.11

1,014 hPa
THU 4.11

1,016 hPa
FRI 5.11

1,016 hPa
SAT 6.11

1,014 hPa
SUN 7.11

1,011 hPa
MON 8.11

1,015 hPa

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The nearest ports: Paros Port, Naxos Port, and others.

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Nisida Agios Artemios on GoogleMaps. You can build driving or walking route, find camping, paths or refuge and other tourist places marked on detailed terrain map of Nisida Agios Artemios.

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Nisida Agios Artemios on OpenStreetMaps. Information about paths, campings, railways, waterfalls, ski or bicycle routes with features along the roads, such as businesses, buildings, parks, land use, cultural resources, and recreational facilities near Nisida Agios Artemios.

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Nisida Agios Artemios on Wikimapia.

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Nisida Agios Artemios on HotelsMap. Nisida Agios Artemios.